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Large Concretized Monument to the Twentieth Century: We Mock a Sculpture and It Mocks us, Too

After reflecting on this notorious sculpture, perhaps we will realize that Rebecca Warren’s Large Concretized Monument to the Twentieth Century is more self-aware than we thought—enough to fool us into hating it.

Completeness and Fragmentation: A Reading of "Prose on the Trans-Siberian Railway and of Little Jehanne of France"

A discussion of the collaboration between Sonia Delaunay and Blaise Cendrars, exploring how literal and visual materials merge into each other to create a timeless narrative.

The Ultimate Game of Lost & Found: Digitization of The British Museum and its Relationship to Ongoing Colonialist Tradition

A questioning of ownership, responsibility, and redemption as they regard The British Museum and traveling exhibits

Bird Watcher: A Conversation with Dawson Phillips

Dawson Phillips talks about his upcoming show “Objectivity,” his artistic practice, his inspirations, and birds in this interview.

On The Hill
On The Hill
Just Push Play: A Conversation with Vessna Scheff

Vessna Scheff talks with the Art Review about her recent single “Butter”, her solo show “Click! Whir. Unravel…”, her inspirations, her teaching, and her interdisciplinary practice.

Empowering Young Girls Through Women's Stories

How does "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" challenge traditional children's literature and inspire young readers to dream big and believe in their potential?


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